Headcount is an independent record label established and run by Chris Headcount. It's dedicated to discovering talent across a wide array of genres and releasing limited edition vinyl along with digital content. 



It was conceived somewhere in 2003 from the epicentre of a plume of weed smoke on Totteridge Road, High Wycombe. We were just teenagers and all we did was rap and make beats. We wanted to form a crew and do shows so the next few years were spent having fun and doing just that. The only reason I thought it was possible was because of the talent I was coming into contact with. Illustrate (Ollie Bates) and Mr Brown to name just two were huge influences on me wanting to immerse myself further into the music business. My good friend Laura & I pressed the very first record; The New Wave EP.

We had no idea what we were doing but the buzz of having music publications from the other side of the world give us props just gave me more confidence. Anyway – the old days are long gone. In 2013, ten years after our very first pressing, I decided I wanted to take the business a little more serious. I ditched my original ethos of only working with our immediate family in favour of expansion and diversification. Naturally, my taste in music had developed so the label would now represent that. Headcount has morphed from a close collective of artists focusing on one particular style – to a vehicle for eclecticism representing my own personal interests. It’s not something I planned but for my own enjoyment it’s where the label needed to go.


Some pics from around 2002/2003 when we set up the label